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living on the marsh: dieing on the march

Posted on 2006.03.20 at 23:20
seems life is a wonder, with green and irridesence, swirls of dark hues caught ragged on our minds, and I haven't been in much a mood with all these new things to write as of late, but today I had a bit of a crushing defeat that shell shocked me from this reverie. I have an article due for indiescript magazine that I wrote and stored to disk before my move, but was left in bad places for a time, in fact all my disks were left out in the cold so to speak. this computer does not have a floppy drive so I went to the local college to retrieve my files and for my grief I found all the disks corrupted. no more novel. all my essays. all my articles. shame to say the least. not sure how to process this yet, but I can't shed many tears. folly is what it is. I just have a hard time keeping it all in focus, so losing such an anchor is a bit disturbing. I can't even remember the assignment. ah well. I guess I just need to get back up and start writing again. been absorbed in new experiences and haven't put the pen to paper lately. you know when you reach a point of accumulation that it bottlenecks itself and you cant put down a word of it? well, those are lost times now.

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