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Posted on 2006.11.13 at 15:15
Current Location: port townsend washington
what recompense for doting fools
drooling over rights to pass
making fjords in frigid waters
calling loud to the lost and blind
where from home I pass the time
seperate from leaves withered on the vine
an october spent thoughtless
made to november so daunting
and here comes the cold again
what voice can rise if not bitten first by the weather
what reunion without coacoa bittersweet
and lovingly warmed
a charm in hand to hold the beasts at bay
the bear made to sleep and the dog to forage at my doorstep
whining its displeasure at absentee masters
what reason di god give to make room for winter
was it art, the need in us for dismal wet
december days to shock us into beauty
was it love and the effert of two to stave off the wind
was it war and the need to make a way for breaking armys across the back of a january's march
what ever fool reason
what ever travesty of insight on the eternal plan
I am glad for november rain
and being out of it again

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