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A certain amount of rage

Posted on 2014.02.08 at 17:10
There is a certain amount of rage, shared, connected across the immaculate universe, for loss. love is the thing you see.whether you are an old friend or a wayward noob, it sticks in your gut like a peanut pickle corndog. that is all.



Posted on 2006.11.13 at 15:15
Current Location: port townsend washington
what recompense for doting fools
drooling over rights to pass
making fjords in frigid waters
calling loud to the lost and blind
where from home I pass the time
seperate from leaves withered on the vine
an october spent thoughtless
made to november so daunting
and here comes the cold again
what voice can rise if not bitten first by the weather
what reunion without coacoa bittersweet
and lovingly warmed
a charm in hand to hold the beasts at bay
the bear made to sleep and the dog to forage at my doorstep
whining its displeasure at absentee masters
what reason di god give to make room for winter
was it art, the need in us for dismal wet
december days to shock us into beauty
was it love and the effert of two to stave off the wind
was it war and the need to make a way for breaking armys across the back of a january's march
what ever fool reason
what ever travesty of insight on the eternal plan
I am glad for november rain
and being out of it again


home sick

Posted on 2006.11.13 at 14:25
Current Mood: blahblah
been a little home sick for detroit. havent had the time to post or do much online in forever. myspacing sucks. finally an upstanding member of society again what with a job and a pocket full of cards with nifty little holograms. when does living responsibly get more interesting?

Posted on 2006.07.14 at 18:34
i miss everyone sometimes here. I think everyone can understand. hard to get online lately. have a computer but no want to relive my homesickness. that is all.


living on the marsh: dieing on the march

Posted on 2006.03.20 at 23:20
seems life is a wonder, with green and irridesence, swirls of dark hues caught ragged on our minds, and I haven't been in much a mood with all these new things to write as of late, but today I had a bit of a crushing defeat that shell shocked me from this reverie. I have an article due for indiescript magazine that I wrote and stored to disk before my move, but was left in bad places for a time, in fact all my disks were left out in the cold so to speak. this computer does not have a floppy drive so I went to the local college to retrieve my files and for my grief I found all the disks corrupted. no more novel. all my essays. all my articles. shame to say the least. not sure how to process this yet, but I can't shed many tears. folly is what it is. I just have a hard time keeping it all in focus, so losing such an anchor is a bit disturbing. I can't even remember the assignment. ah well. I guess I just need to get back up and start writing again. been absorbed in new experiences and haven't put the pen to paper lately. you know when you reach a point of accumulation that it bottlenecks itself and you cant put down a word of it? well, those are lost times now.



Posted on 2006.03.05 at 19:26
well, this is my last night in michigan. and I am glad to leave. I will miss this place very much. that is the kind of thing tugging at my heart every day. I have a few specific thank yous to make, to my friends. first to everyone. thanks for the support the ass kicking and the good drink. I know every one did everything they could. Scott Love, and Jax, thanks for putting your self out there for me, I doubt I would be alive today if it were not for that. you gave me back my pride, and gave me a reason to believe in people, in me. Bernie, you have done much to help keep me whole, and been a good advisor, helping me see the decisions I have had to make in a new light.To Indiescript magazine for helping me connect in the right directions, the right places. to John and Lailee, for taking this stray cat in for a few days, helping me put things in order, for great conversation guidance and friendship. to Julia for showing me nothing is insurmountable. to monster mike for reminding me it is ok to be crazy. to shell for love and friendship, laughs and huggs. to Lexie for pushing me and inspiring me to greater things. to Gregg for that luminous card reading. to eric for painting and backgammon on freezing cold nights. and to every one. I love you.

moving on train transcontinental like even. monday at 7:23 am. last night at city. maybe ever, maybe long time. party like its 1492!! oh. when did that happen.



Posted on 2006.02.04 at 21:57
The dust was sleeping

Soundly beneath the weeping

Of this widowed willow

Before my tresspass

Stilled it's manic nap

Calming it to a rizing cloud

With steps beneath the lord tree's umbrella

Alone atop the bottom hill

It seemed, crowded out

Into waiting for a nnewton

To acompany it's graceful solitude

With the panged fibrilation

Of the darks whispers

For hearth and home

And the drenching rain of comptenplation
Trickles through the lords umbrella

No poe am I

But the still of the soils manic nap begs my reverence


From canvas prison

To calm rising clarity

Aching metamorphasis from

Diamond gleam into

Swirling fairy to

Tickle my eye in two

Laughing and I

Aim to please


this hearts masks

Posted on 2006.02.03 at 15:58
an edifice in the face I play
an emotional day
to fuck a soul out of it's grave
and burn this heart with obsession and ranting nonsense
these words mean nothing
no healing
no shame
no will to keep reserved the pain
want do I want of immortality
no poe
no kahn
no way to measure the decibels in my heart
stoic chains
a mask of solumn mind
and bamboo calm
what god is this
what choice have you given
to be bidden to words and unforgiven
I have lost my heart
along the way
many times it's the price I've paid
I've worn lovers like socks
they've all disintegrated
into the dust clouding my sight
choking my heart
and tearing my eyes
tearing my mind
with razor sharp awareness
I am a darwinian end game
no future in love for those who love it wholly
and that is such a mask
so ripe a grape
sour on the vine my life took shape
can I see back to the womb
to my childhood years
crying in mothers arms
with a hand on the back of my head
is this where I find my ache to be held
do I ache to be fucked?
I hate this vulgarity
the child reflected in me
to bring bitter words to a noble enterprise
vinegar for the friday fish dinner
I cannot continue this demise


the premiere at mephistos.

Posted on 2006.01.16 at 19:00
this friday is the premiere party for the magazine I work for, and I will be exibiting my art on the third floor. a must go to, my friends. it will be a night of decadence and spirit. this will be my debut in the art community, it's not great expectations, but you can make the story just as sweet. come friends come. support our scene, lets get detroit moving again.
Get ready, people! Less than a week away from the indiescript premiere party!

We will be honored with the sultry voice of Sandy Hopkins of Velveteen Rabbit.

We have one bad ass guitar player, Elliot Moses, formerly of Long Necked Goose. Some of you may know him from his work with The Kingsnakes. He's started a new project with some long time friends -- The Universal Temple of Divine Power. You do NOT want to miss this one! This guy kicks ass on the guitar!

And to finish the night off we give you Orbis!

The party starts @ 8:30 P.M. We'll have an art exhibit showcasing some of Detroit's very talented artists. The music kicks off around 10:00 P.M. So, show up early, meet some amazing artists/musicians, stay late and have a fucking fantastic time!

We at indiescript would also like to thank all of you for the amazing support and interest you all are taking in this! It's most appreciated! We Love Ya'!


indiescript -- Jodie Rossi, Scott Love, Jack Sore

*Forward this on to anyone who may be interested in attending the event*
Hosted By: indiescript
When: Friday Jan 20, 2006
at 8:30 PM
Where: Mephisto's
2764 Florian
Hamtramck, MI 48212

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